Call To Action Calls on Bishop Conley to Lift Excommunication of CTA Members

Written By Call To Action


January 24, 2018

The National Catholic Reporter recently published an article about Call To Action/Nebraska’s recent discussions with Bishop Conley regarding the 22-year blanket excommunication that was placed on them by their former bishop, Bishop Bruskewitz.

For over two decades, our members in Nebraska have shown an incredible amount of faith and courage as they faced this injustice. Call To Action congratulates the members of our Nebraska chapter who worked independently to build a relationship with Bishop Conley in order to right this wrong. We also thank Bishop Conley for his willingness to be in dialogue with our members, and to work toward reconciliation and healing.

This excommunication should never have happened. Excommunication should not be used as a fear tactic, or as punishment for speaking out against injustice. CTA/Nebraska members are faithful Catholics who have worked tirelessly for justice in their church. Instead of being excommunicated, they should be celebrated.

Call To Action calls on Bishop Conley to correct this injustice by lifting the excommunication of CTA members immediately and without condition. Members of CTA/Nebraska should not have to go through any sort of special process in order for Bishop Conley to recognize their rightful place in the church. However, Call To Action has always supported the right of our members to follow their conscience. If they choose to engage in this process with Bishop Conley they have our full support.

Call To Action is a movement of Catholics who are inspired by their faith to transform the church. We speak for the majority of US Catholics who support women’s ordination, lay empowerment, and LGBTQ equality. We hope that this can be the start of a new relationship with Bishop Conley, and would welcome any opportunity to speak with him about this vital work.

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