Important Message from the Vision Council

Written By Call To Action


February 19, 2019

To our members, supporters, and partners,

Due to declining revenues and increased operating costs, Call To Action staff and the Vision Council were forced to make several difficult decisions to ensure continuity of current programs and to create a sustainable path forward for the future of the organization. This includes staff reductions and the pending sale of our office in Chicago. These decisions were made in consideration of our anti-racism and anti-oppression principles, with a desire to be the most responsible stewards of our limited resources, in collaboration with those most directly impacted, and after much prayer, conversation, and discernment.

We thank our departed staff for their decades of service to Call To Action and the instrumental roles they played in the creation of a more just and inclusive Church. We also look forward to forging ahead under the leadership of Zach Johnson, Executive Director; Christine Haider-Winnett, Communications Manager; Claire Hitchins, JustChurch Organizer; and all members of the Vision Council.

Call To Action remains committed to supporting local chapters, assisting in the planning of regional and national conferences, and continuing our current partnerships with like-minded organizations, including Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR), the Equally Blessed coalition, among others. Additionally, Call To Action will continue to support new initiatives, including Re/Generation, issue-based Working Groups, and the Vatican II Project.

We anticipate that these structural changes, along with a renewed focus on increasing revenues and maintaining reasonable operating costs, will ensure that Call To Action remains a progressive voice to inspire Catholics and transform the Church for generations to come.

For more information feel free to contact a member of the Vision Council at

Yours in hope and conviction,

Executive Director Zach Johnson, and the Call To Action Vision Council


PS: Our address is still 2135 W. Roscoe St, Unit 1N, Chicago, IL 60618. We will be sure to let you know when that changes.

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